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I'm Graham Denny from Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK.


As a born and bred Suffolk man I consider myself incredibly fortunate to live in this part of the world.


I'm married to the beautiful Mary-Beth and between us we have five children from previous marriages - Sarah, Amy, Peter, Dexter and Michael.


With Mary-Beth being American we have been introduced to the delights of Thanksgiving and all things festive from 'across the pond'!


After thirty-five years in the shipping industry I'm now enjoying life by working for my Charity - The BASIC Life Charity.


I'm also a regular attendant at St.John's church in Felixstowe and I currently hold the position of Treasurer.


In addition I'm following some personal goals in the hope of fulfilling a 'bucket list' of achievements. My goal has been to create works in the following catagories:-


  1. Music

  2. Writing

  3. Art

  4. Handicrafts


The completion of the goal is when one of the items I've made actually sells to a complete stranger in a fair marketplace. It's quite a challenge but overall the main point is the enjoyment of learning new skills as I go along.


Please explore my site and have fun!






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