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Now available as an Audio Book, narrated by Jeremy Albret.

Utterly absorbing...a real pause resister.

It's not the getting there that counts, it's the journey.

Join our hero on his often gruesome journey to "the City".

The horrors of evil forces try to lead him off the path as others join him on his quest. What or who awaits him? What is this force that compels him to make the trip, with all the dangers that try to ensnare him in their grasping claws and tantalising delights?

The settlement of Oasis and the master Gregory wait for him to find his way to them so they can ensnare and enslave him. Somewhere ahead is the City.

Will Ruth be waiting for him and will Freddie really be there to guide him?

Come and make the journey with us.

Order your download from Amazon Audible here now!

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