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The challenge of writing a book, getting it published and then actually selling at least one copy to a member of the public, is quite a daunting one.


I jumped into the deep end at the start and wrote out a 50,000 page novel 'Friends of Freddie'.

I really enjoyed building the characters and letting my imagination go wild. I found every spare moment I was exploring what might happen in the tale and then putting it on paper.

The thrill of seeing your own novel in paperback and online at Amazon and other sites is amazing. I managed to also get the book converted to ebook format so that it's also available for the Kindle.


I learnt a lot from this first publication experience and I know I'll have to re-write 'Friends of Freddie' in time.

I received a lot of assistance from a screenwriter in the USA should I wish to write the novel for screen.






After the thrills and spills of writing a complete novel, I turned my attention to poetry.

I've always found poetry quite easy to write and this gave me the chance for some light relief.

The first book I wrote 'A Small Bag of Pebble' was probably written a little too quickly. I also 'cheated' a little by using verses from songs I'd written previously.

However one or two gems appeared.



My second poetry book was 'Suffolk and Beyond' - a much more thoughtful collection which earned me a foreward by local celebrity and writer Mr.Charlie Haylock and an appearance on BBC Radio Suffolk.

The book went on sale in local bookshops and sold quite well.

The next challenge was to write a children's book.

I came up with 'Pippy and Beth' - the story of a young girl and her adventures with the family dog after it has passed away. It might not sound like the happiest of tales but it's light-hearted and I realised  that the death of a pet is probably a young person's first experience of losing a loved one - a subject I thought worth writing about.

My latest book involved a complete change of direction once again. I wanted to write about Christianity in a way which wouldn't 'turn people off' and would be an honest exploration of life from my perspective.

I've found that faith, of course, is a deeply personal thing - I therefore called my book 'It's ALL About YOU!'.

It may need some revision here and there but overall I'm happy with the outcome.


I did later collaborate on a book called 21 Stories of Generosity by contributing a short story.

At the moment I'm half way through a new un-named book which has serveral short stories preceeded by a poem and with a piece of art relating to each piece.


I'm proud to have my Amazon Authors page and I continue to enjoy the challenge of creative writing.


21 Stories of Generosity


My Amazon Authors Page

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